Toddler Sessions

Toddler Sessions

Come and join us for a fully immersive experience in our beautiful woodland. Families are invited to spend a morning of 'being' rather than 'doing'. The sessions are facilitated rather than led, and families are encouraged to play and explore with their children. Our winter programme is for children who are very mobile and active, it is not suitable for babies. The winter sessions can be quite challenging if children are quite sedentary. Please bare this in mind when booking this programme at this time of year. This 4-week programme intertwines our nature-based approach and parenting strategies with regards to the best ways to develop your child's sensory foundational systems as they grow and learn in their early years.

The woodland environment also helps young children develop their balance and coordination and strengthen their core muscles, we also may put up things like the hammock and swings to help develop their vestibular sense. The woodland is also a very sensory place that allows children’s tactile sense to develop too, mud play is an excellent activity to support this. Some weeks we may come with activities some weeks we may not, the aim is to further develop children’s imagination by allowing them to think more creatively with what is there. We may also do some cooking on the fire and make popcorn or toasted brioches, we always finish with s’mores (toasted marshmallow in between 2 chocolate digestives) and you can help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee.

Many returning customers have developed great friendships with some of the families outside of sessions and everyone is always ready to give parenting tips and advice should you want it. Sessions are very relaxed and activities are on offer should the children want to take part, we firmly believe that children learn what they need to learn through play so they are free to explore the woodland at their own pace. We have found that children under the age of 2 and 1/2 just want to walk around, climb and play in the mud, most of the time they are not interested in any of the activities that are on offer. This is fine as they are meeting a range of sensory, proprioception and vestibular needs. After 2 and a 1/2 they then engage imaginatively with the peers, they will engage more with the activities, play games with each other and freely explore the woodland.
Toddler Sessions
Please ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Sessions will only be canceled due to high winds, torrential rain or staff absence. We will then reschedule for another date and issue a refund.

Please check your emails a couple of days before for more detailed weather information. If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know.

Ticket prices are for 2 adults and 1 child. Additional children are welcome to join for an extra £5 each, payable in cash at the gate.

For further enquiries, please email

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Hi Julie, Just wanted to say a massive thank you once again for such a fantastic morning! It was just beyond my expectations and the boys absolutely loved it!!  See you next week – cant wait! xxx


Thank u SO much for an amazing time today at toddler forest school! The boys loved it & cant wait for next week! (nanna & mum too! 😉 ) xxx