Here at Nature to Nurture the welfare of all of our children attending the nursery is paramount. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and we expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Nature to Nurture is a research setting working collaboratively with Liverpool Hope University to ensure that your child receives the very best start in life. Over the past two years, we have upskilled ourselves with the very best training to help us meet the needs of all children and deliver an inclusive provision. Furthermore, attachment theory lies at the heart of all we do so that children feel loved, safe and secure. This will help them to develop a high emotional intelligence and self-efficacy that will set them up with future life skills. Our knowledge and understanding have enabled us to look at the environment and meet the sensory & physical needs of the children by implementing simple woodland strategies. We want children to embark on a journey of discovery by being given the opportunity to participate in experiential hands-on learning. We also believe that the outdoors helps engender the capacity for joyful learning and that free play in a natural environment supports children’s inborn desire to learn. It is for these reasons that we are National Pre-School of the Year winners in 2017 and 2018 at the Nursery World Awards and Outstanding in all areas for our Ofsted inspection.

Our research has highlighted that children in our Nature-Based setting achieve level 4 (high) to level 5 (very high) levels of wellbeing and they are exceeding the nationally recommended guidelines for physical activity per day (3 hours) which only 10% of the children in this country achieve. .

We aim to follow nature’s rhythms and adopt a slowliness approach to children’s play and development, making meaningful decisions as to what is right at each phase of your child’s unique journey. We will ensure that staff become reflective researchers, striving to gain a deep understanding of each child. Through a loving, nurturing and language rich woodland environment, children feel safe to play and develop important life skills such as persistence, resilience, curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Our ‘less is more’ approach enables children’s imagination and creativity to flourish. Children, in turn, become empowered, exploratory learners with a very high emotional intelligence. We will also help children foster an appreciation, respect, and care for nature, which will then deeply embedded in their lives
Sessions are child led and children are free to choose how they spend their days. Skilled staff will facilitate individual lines of inquiry to support and extend play and learning. Furthermore, this approach also develops a community where collaborative learning takes place daily? We want children to form positive relationships with others and the environment so as to make sense of the world and themselves as unique individuals.

We feel that this nature-inspired unhurried approach allows children to develop a deep love of learning and care for the environment, which will continue throughout their lives.



  • Tuesday 8-4.00
    • Wednesday 8-4.00
      • Thursday 8-4.00


  • Tuesday 3rd January – 17th February
  • Monday 27th February – Friday 7th April.


  • Monday 9th April – Friday 25th May
  • Monday 4th June – Friday 18th July


  • Tuesday 4th September – Thursday 18th October
  • Tuesday 30th October – Thursday 20th December
Here are the new hours and prices for September 2018



Pricing Structure from September 2018:
  • It will be a 2-day minimum and children can access their 15 hours over the 3 days. We will only accept the universal funding. If you are eligible for 30 hours we can apply for up to 20 hours and stretch this offer to cover the half term holidays.
    • We offer a maximum of 5 hours of Government funding per day as part of full days or sessional days which is free at the point of delivery. However, we apply a charge for the lunchtime. hour. The funded hours are from 9.30-11.30 and 12.30-3.30. If however, you do not want to pay for the extra hour, you are free to pick up at 11.30 and drop your child back off at 12.30
      • The nursery is open for 38 weeks but there is the option for holiday club for the other 12 weeks. (We close for 2 weeks over Christmas) This is charged at £30 per day from 9-3 or £40 per day 8-4.

      • Sessional times are from 9.30-3.30
      • Funded hours per week - 10 hours over 2 days or 15 hours over 3 days.
      • Additional hours per week - 2 hours over 2 days or 3 hours over 3 days.
      • Number of weeks per year - 38
      • Cost of additional hours per week - £16.00 for 2 days or £24.00 for 3 days.

      • Full days are from 8am to 4pm
      • Funded hours per week - 10 hours over 2 days or 15 hours over 3 days.
      • Additional hours per week - 6 hours over 2 days or 9 hours over 3 days.
      • Number of weeks per year - 38
      • Cost of additional hours per week - £48.00 for 2 days or £72.00 for 3 days.

      • Additional Charges (£8 Hourly rate)
      • Breakfast club - 8.00am-9.30am £12.00
      • After school - 3.30-4.00pm £4.00
      • <

Kit List- Winter

PVU Waterproofs (100% waterproof) – Dungarees and jacket. The dungarees give an additional layer around the core.

Children need to be triple layered under their waterproofs during the winter months. Thermal layer, base layer and either fleece or woolen clothes. (Knitted woolen clothes trap the heat in more), sometimes children may need an additional layer if they are not as active as other children.

Thermals – Primark and b&m’s do thermals for children.

Lots of base layers (Cotton tops with high polo necks) & leggings. We also recommend that any underclothing doesn’t have a hood (e.g. lots of zip up tops for kids have hoods) as you can’t pull them up over a hat, and if left down, they bulk up the back of the waterproof jacket reducing the reach that the waterproof hood has over the child’s head.

Light fleeces and/or heavier fleeces and/or salopettes worn under their waterproofs. This is important as we always try to make sure children are dry so their outer layer must always be fully waterproof in wet weather (e.g. not just snow proof like ski jackets etc)

We find that neoprene lined wellies are fine all year round, however, those particularly prone to cold toes benefit from disposable foot warmers on colder days or by wearing snow boots. The warm welly company sell really good wellies and do excellent seconds, anyone landing here can claim 10% off using NAT10 as a discount code.

Please be aware though that the material above the waterproof base of the snowboot is not waterproof and on very wet days the water rises up and soaks the inside of the boot. Please ensure children have a pair of thermal/heat warmer socks and then an additional pair of socks over the top. Maybe worth buying footwear that is ½ a size or a full size bigger.

Waterproof hats with ear flaps are a must (please no bobble hats as we can’t put hoods up) as well as good quality fleece lined waterproof gloves or Didriksons mittens with a pair of magic gloves underneath that fit well past the wrist (not snow/padded gloves as these just get wet and soggy the first time a child touches anything). It’s very wet in the winter and children still like to pick up things, which is why waterproof fleece-lined mittens are best.

All links are given as examples of what the children wear, please shop around to find the cheapest price.


Children will be required to wear their waterproof dungarees throughout the summer as they will be playing in the mud and sitting on the woodland floor whilst playing. Thin long sleeve tops are a must as the mosquitos are out and could potentially bite the children. Children will need to have insect repellent spray applied prior to coming to the park. We’ve found that the Incognito range is very good from Holland and Barrett, it’s also Deet free. You can also purchase insect repellent clothing and also insect repellent detergent from Tesco to bug proof clothes.

Some children are more prone to bites than others so it will be trial and error for your particular child when they come out in May/June.


Children should have sun hats and labelled sun cream in their backpacks during the summer months in case we go off on adventures through the park.

Children will need to have their own individual backpacks which will have their snack for the session as well as a water bottle and spare clothes. (Please ensure if the bag is not waterproof that any spare clothes are wrapped in a plastic bag.) Also the children need the same amount of clothing in their spare clothes bag, if they are triple layered under their waterproofs, one pair of leggings is not enough. Children will need to have a full change of clothes, this includes socks and underwear. Parents will be required to make sure they pack this prior to coming to sessions.

All items belonging to children will need to be labelled, we accept no responsibility for any item that does not have a name on.


We are absolutely delighted to have won Pre School of the Year at the NW awards 2017 and 2018. We are thrilled that our work is getting nationally recognized and that we are national winners for this award.


On the 29th of June, in the worst weather we had ever had in the nursery (7 hours of torrential rain) we were overjoyed to have been judged Outstanding in all areas. We are thrilled that the work we do was recognised to be of such a high standard. The girls and I have worked extremely hard to ensure that children who come to us get the best start in life.

Here is our report:
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