Home Education

We believe our woodlands develop children's physicality, inspire their imaginations and enrich the senses.

Home Education Day

We are delighted to have provide nature-based sessions for children aged 5-10.

We have had the greatest of pleasure to be able to have watched 2 of our children grow with us from t18 months old to age 7 and it has been a privilege to provide them with opportunities that meet their growing needs. We hope we can do the same for your child.

Sessions are child led and staff will facilitate opportunities for the children based on their interests. They may take part in cooking activities with a range of foods that will cater to a variety of dietary requirements e.g. stewed apples and bananas, vegetable kebabs, popcorn and bannock bread. The children may also learn a variety of skills using tools, fire lighting, den building, environmental art as well as tree climbing, playing in the mud and making up games. The main aim of the session though is to bring children together to be sociable, to learn how to negotiate with each other, to turn-take and create their own games.


Wednesdays 9.30-3.30 (Term time only)

£30 per child

A minimum requirement of a term is required, we do not offer one off sessions or as and when.

Children must be able to separate with ease, we do not offer any settling in sessions for this group.


The home education day is an experience and we do not have facilities to cater for all children indoors if the winds are high. Therefore if we have to cancel the session due to high winds we will either change the day or refund, whatever is your preference. Those needing to access us for childcare, please let us know as we have limited spaces to accommodate within the house.


Home education forest school
- PVU Waterproofs (100% waterproof) – Dungarees and jacket. The dungarees give an additional layer around the core.
- Thermals - Lots of base layers (Cotton tops with high polo necks) & leggings. We also recommend that any under clothing doesn’t have a hood (e.g. lots of zip up tops for kids have hoods) as you can’t pull them up over a wooly hat, and if left down, they bulk up the back of the waterproof jacket reducing the reach that the waterproof hood has over the child’s head
- Light fleeces or heavier fleeces (if it’s really cold children can wear down filled (puffy) jackets and/or salopettes.
- We find that neoprene lined wellies are fine all year round, however, those particularly prone to cold toes benefit from disposable foot warmers on colder days or by wearing snow boots.
- Hats that cover ears and good quality fleece lined waterproof gloves that fit well past the wrist (not snow/padded gloves as these just get wet and soggy the first time a child touches anything)


Children will be required to wear their waterproofs throughout the summer as they may want to play in the mud and sitting on the woodland floor whilst playing. Thin long sleeve tops are a must as the mosquitos are out and could potentially bite the children and a fleece jumper as it is a lot cooler in the woods. We can always remove layers if they are hot. Children will need to have insect repellent applied prior to coming and spare in their backpack so that we can reapply. (Please apply repellent like a sun cream, just spraying it doesn’t work)

Whilst we are aware that you may not have the correct kit, please think about what you are sending your child in. We see many children come to us in the winter months, with only 1 pair of socks and leggings and a thin coat. Please wrap them up, it is easier to remove layers when they get warm.

Your children may get muddy, please do not send them in anything that you do not want to get ruined.

They will also need a backpack with enough food and drink for the day and also spare clothes in-case they get wet and muddy.