Nature to Nurture CPD

Outdoor Play in the Early Years Training


  • Do you have staff who may need encouragement when it comes to taking children outdoors and would benefit from a session of outdoor play in the woods?
  • Are you looking for some new ideas that are cost effective?
  • Could your staff team benefit from some team building?
  • Do you want to know how to use the outdoors as a strategy for children with SEN?

If you work within Early Years then as a practitioner you want to be able to do the best for your key children and support them in ways that meets their needs. This training will provide you with a range of ideas that you can take back to your settings to support the needs of your children.

The EYFS states that children must have daily opportunities outdoors and we as practitioners need to be finding ways of supporting those children who learn best when outside.

We are seeing a rise in children with additional needs and partly as a result of the sedentary lifestyle that many children are now leading. This is having a huge impact on their development and attainment when they get to school. School readiness is not a term I am in favour of, but we can provide practical solutions that will support children’s development and enable them to be ‘school ready’.

Our training combines team building and activities that will support practitioners in their roles and will give them fresh new ideas to support children outdoors. It is also a chance for grown ups to relax, unwind and have fun with their work colleagues.

Discussion takes place with regards to aspects of Forest School but it will focus more on how the outdoors can be taken back to the nursery setting. We shall explore the differences that real experiences can have for children’s imagination and look at extending the practitioner’s thinking when it comes to planning within the EYFS.

Through team-building exercises, staff will gain a deeper understanding of how the outdoors impacts our relationships and finally, we will look at cost-effective resources to do outdoors. 

Activities that may take place include:

Team building games

Forest School activities

Environmental Art

Strategies to support SEN

Imaginative Play and Story Telling

Cost effective ideas

Toasting Marshmallows on the campfire




Half day session from 9.30-12.30 is £300 for 15 people any additional staff up to 25 is charged at £25pp

Full day session from 9.30 – 2.30 is £500 for 15 people any additional staff up to 25 is charged at £25pp (This includes a campfire lunch for everyone).


Thanks again, we all had a brilliant time. There have been some issues of conflict in the team recently and the nursery as a whole has been through some changes, which have been hard for everyone to cope with, but having the chance to be together and have fun, was just the therapy we needed. Instead of the usual Monday morning blues, everyone came in this morning chatting happily about the lovely time they had and laughing about falling down ditches, getting trapped in hammocks and dressing up ready for our show. The babies have already been on a trip to the woods this morning, and staff have come in with a shopping list of things they will need to enable us to get started. I don’t mean resources and equipment because I know they understand that what really makes a difference is the free stuff, but things like a double buggy to get the younger children to the woods in the first place.

It was a lovely time to reflect, get back in touch with what we want for the children and ourselves and to understand really how lucky we are to live in the area that we do.



We welcome visitors into our setting each week to observe our setting and learn about the hidden curriculum that underpins our practice. We will spend 2 hours answering any of your questions, whilst providing you with CPD.

The price for the 2 hours is £60 and you will receive a free copy of The N2N Approach guide book to take away with you.